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  • Sun-Oct-2019

Thailand is one of the hotspot tourist destinations for vacationers all around the world. Its unparallel culture, enticing natural beauty with beaches, savory traditional cuisines and warm-hearted people are the winner for Thailand’s popularity. And from Nepal as well, the influx towards his captivating country is growing.

There are several Thailand Tour package from Nepal, which you can choose and embark towards the destination. So here we are to know more about Thailand and Thailand tour package price from Nepal; be with us to mark your next holiday destination as Thailand.

Why take a Thailand Tour package from Nepal?

-It is considerably cheap

As Thailand is grabbing the attention of youths in Nepal for going for a vacation with friends and family, there are many offers you can easily choose from. These Thailand tour package price is very reasonable and will fit right in your pocket.

It is often the problem of travelers that they often go beyond budget and have to slash cities form itineraries. From top stars hotel to cheap stay; the accommodation doesn’t lack in Thailand. There are several economic modes of transportation like buses and train for traveling to a place to place, that takes you from the biggest tourist destination to the rural parts. Well, taking a Thailand tour package from Nepal will definitely pay you off.

-It’s got beautiful beaches

thailand tour package from nepal

Nepal indeed offers all the natural luxury to its visitors and residents, but being a land located country, the fun in beaches are what Nepal cannot provide. And, as it happens, Thailand is known for some of the beautiful beaches in the world. So, why not get a roll of beach-fun with Thailand Tour package from Nepal.

Sunrise Beach at Haad Run, Koh Pha Ngan, White Sand Beach in Koh Chang, Sairee Beach at Koh Tao and right in the Phuket, there are two best beaches are Patong Beach and Kata Beach.

-Terrific Culture

thailand cultures tour package from nepal

Buddhism prevails in Thailand, and we all know how serene are the teaching and practices of Buddhism. Thailand boasts rich Buddhism culture that can be seen in the warm hospitality of friendly Thai peoples. The ethnic Thai people can be divided into dozens of different subgroups, who adheres to a different tradition, culture, and language. And it has created a strong sense of shared tradition and cultural identity.

With this very reason, culture is one of the best things to witness while in Thailand tour package from Nepal.

-Excellent Local Cuisine

Thai cuisines are already popular around the world, and to have their authentic taste right in Thailand will be the best thing. The diversity and variety of Thai food are unlike any other.

As per the survey of CNN Travel in 2017, seven Thai dishes appeared on the list of “World’s 50 Best Foods”; tom yam goong, pad Thai, som tam, massaman curry, green curry, Thai fried rice, and mu nam tok.

Well, you have certainly got an idea of how distinctive and diverse are the foods in Thailand. Do not forget to relish your taste buds with some of the cuisines form an array of Thai food during Thailand Tour package from Nepal.

-Majestic Buddhist Monuments

thailand buddist monument

With a reasonable Thailand tour package price from Nepal, the amount of things to observe in Thailand are way too many. Of many things Thailand is known for, the magnificent Buddhist temple is also one of them. There is an estimation of more than 40,000 temples located in Thailand, each of them with a unique story of their formation. So, no matter which place you are traveling in Thailand, you are very likely to be in the proximity of a temple.

It is amazing to hear that, temples in there are made of wood, stone, and even recycled beer bottles. Draped in an exquisite architecture, the monuments in Thailand are way too impressive and are the major highlight of Thailand Tour Package from Nepal.

Wat Rong Khun(White Temple), Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Benchamabopit (Marble Temple), Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew (Temple of a Million Bottles) and Sanctuary of Truth some of the marvel monuments you can visit during Thailand tour.

-Vibrant and Alive Cities

thailand cities

Landing in one of the cities of Thailand can overwhelm you at first, as they are stretched out as far as your eyes go. These cities are perfect to know the modern culture of Thailand while wandering around some of the best places.

You can go to one of the shopping malls or street market where you can get literally everything you want. From fancy malls to city markets, the destination is yours.

-Popular Nightlife

Thailand is known as one of the best places for nightlife and is a hot destination for party-freaks. As the sun goes down, the night becomes more prominent. After a day full of strolling and exploring around, visiting the bar or pub, will upscale the level of fun in Thailand even more.

You will find no difficulty in spotting a bar or nightclubs as there are plenty. Not just that, there are regular bars as well if you want things low. So visit a club and unleash your party-spirit and have the time of your life during Thailand tour package from Nepal.

-Blissful Weather

Along with the monuments, culture, and natural beauty of a place, the weather is that subtle factor that attracts the tourists. Thailand, with its spicy cuisine, a magnificent temple, lively ambiance, attractive beaches, and rich culture is a perfect destination and taking a Thailand tour package price from Nepal, the fun and experience are all in your gate.

The weather of Thailand is quite blissful, that experiences a typical tropical climate of dry and wet. In summer, you dive into the beaches of Thailand and soak yourself vacation seawater. Likewise, in winter, you can travel and stroll cities. So, visiting Thailand, the weather is not quite a bar.

Yacca Travels & Tour Providing Thailand Tour Package Price

Yacca Travels & Tours are committed to providing the enjoyable trip to national as well as international destinations, and Thailand Tour Package price from Nepal is one our best package deal. Our offers are the best you can get as per the current market price. To help you further with our Thailand Tour Package from Nepal, here are the inclusion and exclusions from the package.

What the price includes:

-Airport-Hotel-Airport on SIC basis.

-Two nights in a shared room in a three-star hotel in Pattaya with daily breakfast.

-Coral Island trip with lunch on SIC basis.

-Two nights in a shared room in a three-star hotel in Bangkok.

-Sightseeing in Bangkok for half-day while visiting Golden Temple and Marble Temple on SIC basis

-Entry fees to the visited monuments as per itinerary during the sightseeing tours.

What the price doesn’t include:

-International Airfares

-Amount for Visa Fees

-Expenses not mentioned in the inclusion section.

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