A small city Kapilvastu is a very important Buddhist pilgrimage since Lord Buddha had spent his first 29 years of life in this region. Kapilvastu is also the name of an ancient Kingdom of the Shakya’s the royal family of Lord Buddha. There are many ancient archaeological sites situated in a 10-kilometer circle around Taulihawa, the modern district center of Kapilvastu District.


- The village has a mystic charm, the magic of which can be felt through devoted mind and dedication.
- There are many stupas scattered around the place and symbols left behind by Shakya dynasty are clearly visible.


- Sightseeing
- Pilgrimage

How to get there?

The city is located 25 km south of Lumbini. We can get there via Kathmandu to Bhairahawa Airport, about 40 kilometers east of Taulihawa.


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