At the elevation of 3.840 meters, there is a beautiful place on the lap of Nepal called “Mustang”. Mustang is the beauty of the north-west part of Nepal. This region offers a perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty. Divided into two parts namely Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang, each part offers the unique culture, geography, and stunning monuments of Mustang.

The upper mustang is prominent for the adventurous trekking and highlands. Likewise, the lower Mustang is prominent for its beautiful scenery. The upper part has a Trans Himalayan climate which is cool and semi-arid. It lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. There are lots of caves in this part. Chhoser cave is amazing, with 50 plus individual rooms and 4 individual level, all of which are linked by a ladder. Lo Manthang, the capital of upper mustang also known as the “City of Clay” and “City of Wall”.

Lower Mustang is dominated by peaks such as Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Trekking in this region is a pure bliss, rewarding with natural scenic beauty. The classic trek offers astonishing altitude variations as well as the ecological diversity. During your journey, you will get to witness people from a different ethnic background who has carved a lifestyle out of the steep terraces and barren plateaus of the area for thousands of years.

Rich in natural vegetation, parts of Mustang is covered with tropical alpine and coniferous forest. Apple fields and Rhododendron fields are the major attractions of this region. The biodiversity of the region swiped entire hillsides with pink and red rhododendron forests. Muktinath is the major pilgrimage of this region where people from all over the visit. Comprised of geographical variations, ecology, and culture, Mustang is such destination that endeavors an adventurous journey.

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