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  • Mon-Oct-2019

Everybody waits for a vacation and what makes it even more worthy is travelling to somewhere exciting and exotic. Lately, Dubai is grabbing a lot of attention as a holiday destination from Nepal. As the Dubai Tour package from Nepal price is quite reasonable, no wonder the craze is growing.

Embarking on Dubai Tour from Nepal is a definite roller coaster ride; as it is one of the unique cities in the world with stunning historical sites, astounding modern architectural exhibition, incredible nightlife, and many breathtaking monuments. And with our Dubai Tour package from Nepal, the experience awaits you.

Why go for the Dubai Tour from Nepal?

-Drastic Change in Landscape

Nepal is all about tall mountains, verdant hills, picturesque traditional settlements, and a panorama of natural scenery. While in Dubai, thing are pretty much the same; just in are modern way, where the buildings are so tall they vanish in the sky (like mountains).

Of course, nothing beats the natural beauty, but Dubai showcases the array of modern monuments in such an exquisite way that no visitors can remain unimpressed. So, taking a Dubai Tour package from Nepal, you will experience the impressive change in the landscape that are so different yet feels very similar.

-Melting pot of different culture

Dubai Mosque cuture

One of many things Nepal is known for is its diversity; home to 120 different ethnic groups, and Dubai is no different. This extravagant city harbors around 200 different nationalities and almost 90% of its population comes from outside the country. So, there is no arguing that Dubai represents the world-wide culture.

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world; unlike other great cities like New York or London that has been inhabited by expats for hundreds of years, Dubai’s expats are mainly first-generation making the then a host of a different culture. Well, Dubai Tour from Nepal definitely a worthwhile trip.

-Astounding Architecture

dubai high architecture

The ingenious architectural feats of Dubai has left the whole world in awe. Dubai homes some of the most incredible building and a structure providing modern landmarks that worth visiting during the Dubai Tour from Nepal.

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building; Dubai Frame, a one-of-a-kind structure; Cayan Tower, the shimmering sliver structure; Emirates Tower, an early architectural icon of the city; The Opus, excellent piece of modern architecture are some of the greatest monuments in Dubai which are unlike anywhere.

-To Experience World-Class Entertainment

Let you know this; your Dubai Tour package from Nepal will be a wholesome experience. Dubai is the city full of cutting-edge art and film with non-stop entertainment and exciting activities where there is an almost endless list of places to be and things to see.

Dubai is known for some of the world-class events and festivals, from the hottest concerts to stunning stage shows ar La Perle and the Dubai Opera. Along with the entertainment, you can also have fun visiting waterparks, cinemas, and arcades.

-Our Price offer is best you can get

Everything comes down to cost no matter how much you yearn to visit; however, our Dubai Tour package from Nepal price is very considerate that comes with a various package for friends and family as well. Be it yourself or a couple or with the whole family, you can mark your international vacation in Dubai with one of our Dubai Tour Package from Nepal.

-Best Family Destination

Dubai family vacation

Taking a Dubai Tour Package from Nepal is the best if you want to make your holiday special with your kids. Dubai is a fun place to be with some of the most exciting varieties of waterparks and theme parks. The variety of theme in Dubai serves for everyone's interest; from having fun with waters, making personal records on a gravity-defying rollercoaster to entertaining yourself into the world of movies and cartoons.

You can take your family to any of multiple themed parks including Bollywood themed Parks, Motion gate and Legoland.

Palm Island

Dubai palm island

Get ready to be amazed once more. Palm Island is one of the striking monumnet, a human-made island, a cluster of private hotel and residence that has a shape of a palm tree, topped by a crescent.

Do pay a visit to this breathtaking wonder and stroll around. Well, even if you can’t afford to stay on them, you can wander around and aspire yourself to be in that place someday.

What are the requirements for Dubai Visa?

-Copy of guarantor’s passport’s first, last, and visa pages.

-Copy of your Emirates ID.

-Copy of each visitor’s passport’s first and last pages.

-Visitor’s passport-size phot0ograhs on a white background.

-Visitor’s passport with a minimum validity of six months.

-If a visitor is your spouse, the same must be mentioned on your passport.

-For certain visitors, an additional cash deposit of up to AED 5,500 may be required.

Yacca Travels & Tour in Dubai Tour Package from Nepal

From one of our international destination, Dubai Tour package from Nepal is a very popular one. With our Dubai Tour Package from Nepal price, the visitors towards the dazzling Dubai is just growing. Be it for a solo vacation, with family or trip with your friends, vacation to Dubai is one of the hot destinations that serve best to every purpose. Following are the inclusions and exclusions from our Dubai Tour Package from Nepal.

What our package includes:

-Pickup from Airport-Hotel-Airport on SIC basis.

-Four nights in a shared room at three-star hotel in Dubai with daily breakfast.

-Enjoy Creek Dhow cruise with an excellent dinner and dance show on SIC basis.

-Desert safari with BBQ dinner on SIC basis.

-Sightseeing tour in Dubai city for half of the day.

-First entry fees to the monuments during the sightseeing tour.

What our package excludes:

-International airfares.

-Visa fees.

-Any other expenses not mentioned in the cost inclusion section.

-Any personal expenses.

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