Thamel, the touristy in the capital Kathmandu, is a sparkling jewel in the tourism crown of Nepal. From traditional brief to the latest trend, Thamel has it all to offer. It is one of the oldest area in the capital and previously known as Tabitha Bahal. The old buildings here reflect the Newari culture, initial inhabitants of the valley. Beside this, it is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in Nepali atmosphere. The shopping center, cafes, restaurants, bars, and other exciting elements make it busy from dusk to dawn.


- Thamel is as a shopping paradise selling everything you can imagine in Nepal. One can shop for trekking essentials to a token of your visit.
- It offers better accommodation. A wide range of hotels and restaurants out there are comfortable for all budgets.
- It is an ultimate destination for those who are the die-hard fan of bands and bars. The live shows, concerts and dance bars worth a trip to.


- Visit trek stores
- Enjoy numerous café, pub, concerts
- Heritage Walks

How to get there?

In the late evening or early morning, it will take around 20 minutes by taxi (from Tribhuvan airport). During peak times (pretty much 10 am till 7 pm) it can take an hour. You can reach Thamel by airport taxi, metered taxi, public bus or by hotel pick up.


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