Nagarjun Hiking

Nagarjun hill is located in the North West part of Kathmandu valley. This hill is seven km. further away from the valley. The hike is three hours of walk to reach on the top of Nagarjun hill. The starting point of this hike is at Balaju. From this point, you need to step ascend on tree shadows trail to reach on the top of Nagarjun hill.

Nagarjun hill is famous for Buddhist Gompa, sacred caves and beautiful scenery. Located on the top of the hill there is a Buddhist Gompa a place you can explore and learn about the Buddhist way of prayer and meditation. There are several caves on the Nagarjuna hill, some of which are empty while others are almost in ruins. Out of these caves, two are the most important ones situated inside the Raniban forest and another situated outside the gate on the Balaju-Trisuli Road. Moreover, the cave in Raniban forest is proclaimed to have been constructed by Nagarjuna to worship Swayambhunath and as a significant image of Akshobhya Buddha.

On the northern side of the hill outside the forest, there is a famous cave of Nagarjuna, which still exists, which consists of many images of Akshobhya and Nagarjuna inside. Tibetans call this cave the Guru Rimpoche while local people call it Laxmi Gupha. There are a lot of places to explore at Nagarjun hill day hike; trekkers can enjoy good urban myths of the past while exploring the caves and the stupa.


- View the beautiful scenic landscape of Kathmandu Valley
- Himalayan range
- Discover dense green forest
- Visit the Buddhist monastery

Trip Facts

- Trip Start/End – Kathmandu
- Maximum Altitude - 2128 m
- Hike Duration - 5 Hours
- Departure Date / Time - Everyday
- Departure Time - 7/8 am