Tal Barahi Temple

Tal Barahi Temple also known as ‘Lake Temple’ or ‘Barahi Temple’ is a Hindu temple of the Goddess Durga. This is the most important religious monument in Pokhara. This temple is located on a small island. It is built almost in the middle of Phewa Lake. The original structure of the temple is made from stones and has a thatched roof. The dramatic appearance of its location itself attracts everyone. As the temple is situated on a small island, the only way to visit it is by boat. Just soak yourself in the extreme quietness of the place.


- You can enjoy boating and can take your own canon to reach there.
- Enjoy the beautiful scenery and soak yourself in the quietness. Activities Pilgrimage Sightseeing Boating


- Pilgrimage
- Sightseeing
- Boating


How can we get there?

10 minutes drive from Pokhara, located on an island in the middle of Phewa Lake, it can be reached by a boat from Barahi ghat.


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