Lumbini Museum

Lumbini Museum on the northern end of the premise is dedicated to the life of Gautama Buddha and houses the photos and artifacts from Buddhist sites all over the world. With all these attractions of Lumbini, the destination is visited by thousands of Buddhists and Hindu devotees from all around the world along with historians and tourists interested in Buddhist religion and culture. Apart from the structures, the Lumbini area is also famous for the wide array of bird species found in its farmland and reservoirs that include the Sarus crane, Indian spotted eagle, gyps, owls and other endangered animals too.


- The life of Gautama Buddha
- Photos and artifacts from Buddhist sites all over the world
- Lumbini International Research Institute (LIRI), located opposite the Lumbini Museum.


- Sightseeing

How to get there?

It isn’t fairly easy to reach Lumbini from different parts of Nepal unless you are taking direct buses from cities like Pokhara or Kathmandu.


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