Gupteshwor Cave

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage. It is considered one of the longest caves in Nepal. The cave when first discovered, it was full of various statues and portraits of the Hindu gods and goddess. All the statues and portraits found inside the cave are natural. The presence of the statues and portraits of various Hindu gods and goddesses adds up to its sacred and religious value. A number of devotees from around the world visits the cave to worship Lord Shiva as the cave is considered abode of Lord Shiva. The presence of devotees is high during the Chaite Dashain and Maha Shivaratri. If you are planning to visit this cave it will be advisable to carry a torch along with you as it will be dark inside.


Natural statues and portraits of Hindu god and goddess


Sightseeing Photography

How to get there?

The cave is located at fifteen minutes walking the distance from Kusma which is about fifty-five km from the city of Pokhara.


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