Visit Nepal 2020: What has happened so far?

  • Mon-Jul-2019

Visit Nepal 2020: What has happened so far?

Now that we are so very close to the year we have been waiting for so long; it is almost time to know everything for this big year of Visit Nepal 2020. Since its announcement, we have heard about plans and programs on how well they will be executed, but that now we are at the brink of Visit Nepal 2020, what has actually happened, what is happening or are there any plans which are yet to get on the road.

The striking magnitude of natural and cultural beauty of Nepal has played a pivotal role in tourism development. As a small and a landlocked nation, you say that Nepal’s natural beauty became the ultimate weapon for tourism development, as the influx of travelers is never less throughout the year.

Visit Nepal 2020 has become the talk-of-the-town right now, amongst locals and foreigners as well. Trying to shade more light about this topic for it holds the general interest, let’s extract the information on Visit Nepal 2020.

Start of Everything: Visit Nepal 2020

One cannot agree more on the blessed natural beauty of Nepal, which is diverse and daunting on many levels. Well, we can credit the majestic range of the Himalayas sitting atop that has bestowed Nepal with this bewildering beauty.

When Nepal opened its door to foreigners in the early 1950s, and Everest was submitted for the first in 1953, it was like the world got draped in the magic of those snow-capped mountains. 

With the magic of kaleidoscopic natural scenery, an array of culture with a noble history, harboring hundreds of holy sites and most of all, being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal has become the center of attraction of natural and cultural enthusiasts. And with that, Nepal is positioned as one of the best nature, culture, and adventure destination in the world. 

2019 is slipping way too fast now, and the big event of Visit Nepal 2020 is only a few breaths away. You can describe the event as an extravagant one, but the starting since Master Plan 1972, tourism of Nepal has walked through different phases. 

While tourism development on the 1970s and 1980s, it was the private sector that took the operational lead from the beginning and the government supported with tourism development. 

Then, the 1995 Tourism Policy aimed at tourism development as an important sector of the national economy, diversifying tourism to rural areas. Visit Nepal Year 1998 campaign was a successful observance of tourism. Seeing the more potential, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) was established to bolster tourism in 1999.

However, due to various national and international crises, visitors to Nepal decline in great number at the beginning of 2000. And with the peace accord between the CPN Maoist and government, the then Tourism Board of Nepal made some recovery with total arrival of 526,705 in 2007.

Then, over the following years, Nepal welcomed an impressive number of visitors from around the world that created confidence of international operators in Nepal. Again, Nepal dared to took a step to sustain tourism growth and distribute the development throughout the country with the target of one million tourists in Nepal Tourism Year 2011 as a national campaign but came short and was successful on welcoming only 736,215 visitors.

The target wasn't met until up 2018 when the total tourist arrival became 1,173,072.

And now here we are, approaching towards Visit Nepal 2020 with the aim of welcoming two million tourists by the end of 2020. However, this campaign is more people-centered, which is a good thing, amid the global challenge of climate change, economic disparity, and unstable energy price. 

The target that was set back in 2011 was met only 2018, and now with Visit Nepal 2020, the target is double. Is the plan too far-fetched? What does it stand for, and what is its endeavor so far? And yes, there are a whole lot of challenges too.

What Visit Nepal 2020 stands for?

Visit Nepal 2020 was actually scheduled in 2018; however, due to the devastating earthquake on April 2015, when several places in Nepal went through a traumatic loss, the campaign was then postponed to 2020. Also, criticized by experts for being overambitious with the target of two million, Visit Nepal 2020 has the attention of the whole nation right now.

The campaign is not only to attract tourists and bolster tourism in Nepal. As such a nationwide campaign it is, the magnitude of Visit Nepal 2020 is set for the future of Nepal tourism as well. Let us have a quick rundown on the objectives on the Visit Nepal 2020. 

-Improve the livelihood of people around the country by developing integrated tourism infrastructure, increasing tourism activities and products, creating employment opportunities with the active involvement of women and people from deprived communities.

-Developing tourism as a broad-based sector by bringing tourism into the mainstream socio-economic development backed by a coherent and enabling institutional environment.

-Involving communities in tourism activities to expand the horizon of tourism development by giving the most authentic and unique picture of Nepal.

-With successful operation and execution, recognize Nepal in international tourism platform.

-Refine and define the aviation system and security with improved quality, capacity, and connectivity. 

-Presenting Nepal as the potential prospect for new investment.

Endeavor for Visit Nepal 2020

Both private sector and government are rigorously involved in the successful execution of Visit Nepal 2020. Nepal Tourism Board has planned to promote around 100 new tourist destination with at least ten new destinations in each province.

Establishment of new hotels and promoting Visit Nepal 2020 in international expos’ and events are the ongoing endeavor. Also, the government has endorsed a budget of NRs 100 million for this campaign. 

According to the President of Society of Travel and Tour Operators Nepal (SOTTO), homestay facilities in villages are also given priorities. Some of them even have 15-20 room hotels. 

Provincial and local level are now in priority by developing the needed infrastructure in their areas to excel in tourism development.

President of Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) says, “Currently we have accommodation capacity for 25 lakh tourists, and by the year 2020, 4000-5000 rooms will be added.

Challenges of Visit Nepal 2020

Although Nepal has taken this big step of Visit Nepal 2020, the tourism policy is still not astute and relevant with the growing trend world, as per the President of HAN. 

President of SOTTO says, so far NTB’s prime focus has been the promotional activities for tourism, and their actual execution has been lacking.

Another main challenge other than the reckless plan of Nepal government is the airport. It was in 2020 when two International Airport at Pokhara and Lumbini was slated to start operation. Although we are coming to the end of 2019, there is no good news regarding the completion of this airport.

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