Trekking in Kathmandu Valley

  • Tue-Sep-2019

Trekking in Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu, a bowl-shaped valley is full of beauty and wonders where we can observe the enigmatic view of green hills and dense forest with a wide variety of wildlife. People who want to utilize their sphere time here in Kathmandu, they can plan for trekking in Kathmandu valley. In fact, they can witness the mesmerizing landscape with sky-rocketed mountain views.

There are numerous places for hiking and trekking in Kathmandu Valley such as Phulchowki, Champadevi, treks around Nagarkot, Chisapani, Dhulikhel, Panauti-Namobudhha, Shivapuri, Sundarijal, Godawari and many more. These trekking sites provide a wonderful view of nature to the trekkers.

Trekking sites in Kathmandu valley provide an opportunity for the foreigners to explore the native culture, language, foods of Nepali people. Moreover, these hiking sites around the Kathmandu valley can be reached shortly after an hour or two hours of drive from the city.

In recent time, not only tourists but also city residents prefer to spend some quality time there with their friends and family members. As nowadays people are much worried about their health and well aware of the importance of a fresh environment, the crowd of people is getting wider on the hiking trails all around the verdant hills of Kathmandu valley.

To know more in detail about the hiking and trekking in Kathmandu valley, let’s dig in!

Chandragiri-Hattiban-Chitlang (1-Day Trek)

This trekking site is newly discovered which starts from Chandragiri hills to Hattiban and towards Chitlang. The short journey through the high hills can be completed shortly in a day and can extend further for a few days as well.

This trekking site has now gained much popularity among the trekkers who want to go out for weekends in order to enjoy the beautiful views of mountain peaks and a city view of Kathmandu.

Shivapuri Trek (1-Day Trek)

Shivapuri, one of the thickest forests of Nepal, possesses a distinct quality for trekking which passes through Budhanilkantha temple. People start their journey from the Budhanilkantha towards the dense forest of Shivapuri. On the way to Shivapuri, you can become fortunate in inhaling the fresh air and also taste the nectar of colourful Rhododendron, Orchid and Pitula and numerous other flowers.

Besides flowers, visitors also can spot wild animals such as deer, monkies in this protected area. Moreover, along with walking the dense forest, hikers also can make their trip more amusing by watching the beautiful view of birds flying over the high range of forest.

Likewise, at the Shivapuri hill station, there is a Buddhist monastery where you can sit there for meditation and can enlighten yourself facing the majestic Himalayas in the north side.

Shivapuri-Nagarkot-Kathmandu (4 days trek)

The exciting trek starts from the base of Shivapuri where you can easily reach there within an hour of drive. Following the same trail through the Sundarijal, travelers reach the Chisapani within 5-6 hours. There in the Sundarijal, visitors spend one night either in a lodge or in a camping site.

After garnering precious experience from Chisapani, trekkers can continue there short trip towards the Nagarkot hills. To reach the Nagarkot hill station, you have to walk continuously around 5-6 hours. On the way to Nagarkot, travelers can be familiar with the local culture and traditions in Nagarkot village. This is one of the desired and renowned sites of trekking in Kathmandu valley.

On the third day, travelers can continue their journey from Nagarkot to Dhulikhel. The beautiful journey takes approximately 5-6 hours through the verdant forest of Kathmandu valley. Being one of the popular tourist destinations, Dhulikhel serves plenty of luxurious and resourceful resorts and hotels where you give rest to your exhausted body.

Eventually, on the fourth day, you can tie your backpacks to the Kathmandu city via local or private vehicles. This four-day short trekking gives you a wonderful as well as adventurous experience which can share you with your friends and families.

Dhulikhel-Namobuddha- Balthali Village-Panauti Trek (4 days)

This route is also one of the most desired and frequently visited trekking routes at the rim of Kathmandu valley. 

Travel to Dhulikhel (Day One)

When you reach to the airport of Kathmandu or you are staying at Thamel, you are supposed to head towards Dhulikhel via Arniko Highway. In Dhulikhel, you are suggested to stay there in order to see the enigmatic view of sunset and sunrise over the snowcapped mountains.

Trek to Namobuddha (Day Two)

After having delicious lunch watching splendid mountain view in Dhulikhel, you head towards Namobuddha, one of the sacred and spiritual Tibetan Buddhist locations after Lumbini. It requires around 3 hours of walk and reach there around afternoon and can utilize your available time watching beautiful scenario around the Namobuddha.

Trek to Balthali (Day Three)

Trekkers again continue their trekking from Namobuddha to Balthali where they can excavate the native culture of various ethnicity. In fact, they can know more about Newari culture and can get an opportunity for tasting mouth-watering meals.

In this culturally rich village, we can find a renowned Namo Buddha Stupa as well, which is quite significant in terms of Buddhist mythology. Buddhist monks take this site as a holy and religious because they believe that Gautam Buddha offered his body to the hungry tigress, and he also became enlightened there and achieved Buddhahood. 

A small village surrounded by green mountains becomes successful in getting the attention of the visitors.

Trek to Panauti (Day Four)

After enjoying the breakfast in Balthali, hikers proceed their trip to Panauti, municipality of Kavrepalanchok district and situated in the eastern side from Kathmandu.

Visitors can visit the historic town, where multiple antique shrines, ancient architectural buildings can be traced vividly throughout the city.  Most interestingly, we can explore more about Newari culture in detail as it is one of the best-preserved Newari towns in Nepal. The whole town is constructed in Newari style where people have used pink bricks and carved wooden doors, windows in their houses.

After taking a tour to this stunning part of the small town, travelers can safely return from there to Kathmandu collecting lifetime experience from these mesmerizing trekking sites around Kathmandu valley.

Chitlang-Kulekhani Trek (2 Days Trek)

As soon as you arrive at the airport, you can take rest in one of the luxurious hotels in Kathmandu city. After having breakfast in the Nagarkot, early morning, you can expedite your short trip through the Chitlang village and reach to the verdant hills of Chitlang.

Spending one day in the camping site of Chitlang, your journey becomes more exciting and amusing throughout the enigmatic hills of Kulekhani. You complete your Kulekhani hiking after lunch, and again you need to go on towards Daksinkali temple. In this way, you spend your two days trip.

Phulchowki- Godawari (1-day trek)

Phulchowki, the highest hill near Kathmandu, is located in the southern part of the city. This location is one of the popular hiking sites of Kathmandu valley.  To reach the destination, it requires around 30-40 minutes of drive from Lalitpur Buspark to Godawari and from Godawari to the top of Phulchwoki hill, you need to walk continuously around 5/6 hours. While hiking through the impenetrable forest, we observe alluring views of Rhodhdendrons and oak trees. On top of that, there are beautiful chirping birds and different species of colourful butterflies that make your journey magnificent.

All in all, trekking in Kathmandu valley offers a great opportunity to the hikers who love to lost in the dense forest and have a great passion for exploring more in their life. This kind of short trip near the city location gives you the best way to excavate more about Nepali culture, language, and food.

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