Rafting in Nepal

  • Thu-Sep-2019

Best White River Rafting in Nepal

The white rivers in Nepal running down from the shimmering range of Himalayas makes the perfect destination for experiencing the thrill of rafting in Nepal. Obviously, trekking and mountain climbing is the most favored activity; however, there are an array of adventures you can go for in Nepal. And, as it happens, rafting in Nepal is equally enticing as any other.

There are many such rivers that offer rafting in Nepal under different class. Rivers are categorized into six different class for rafting in Nepal. Class I rivers are slow-moving with no obstacles. Class II and III are quite fast moving with occasional obstacles and small to medium rapid, respectively. Likewise, Class IV rives have long and continuous sections of white water with large waves.

Rafting in Nepal

Then Class V rivers have a powerful and continuous section of rapids and big holes that requires some rafting experience. And, Class IV is for the extreme adventurers and are almost impossible to run.

You can choose your destined-river as per your convenience and experience for rafting in Nepal. So, let us look into some of the popular rivers for rafting in Nepal where the fun does to a different level.

Sun Koshi River Rafting in Nepal

Sun Koshi river rafting falls on the list of top ten river journeys in the world. With such recognition, the experience awaiting you in Sun Koshi is more than exhilarating. The river falls under the Class V section providing a solid taste of adventure.

Along with paving your way through the high rapids of a river, you will also observe the verdant forest and hills, remote settlement, and glimpse of snow-capped mountains. Rafting in Nepal in Sun Koshi is a perfect spend of the holiday, an excellent combination of beautiful scenery in a peaceful setting and so full of fun and nature.

Location: Rating in Sun Koshi rivers takes place from Dumja, which is located in the east of Kathmandu and takes around three-hour drive to reach. While the ending point is Chatra, the total distance of Sun Koshi rafting is 270 km that takes 8 to 10 Days.

Karnali River Rafting

Karnali river rafting comprises an impressive exhibition of rich flora and fauna as it flows through the wild forested pristine jungle of Nepal, that homes several wildlife. Karnali river is the longest river in the world, and so you can guess, rafting in this river will be long and adventures ride. The rafting has some of the most beautiful canyons in Nepal including picturesque of dense forest and villages. The rapids in the Karnali river ranges from Class IV-V.

If you are an experienced rafter, then it will be best to go for Karnali river rafting during monsoon when the rain increases the volume and rapids of the river. It will be quite technical to as rafting will be demanding, however, it gets equally exciting and adventurous.

Location: Karnali river rafting in Nepal takes you to the Far-west of Nepal. From Kathmandu, it takes around 16 hours of ride by private vehicle, or you can always take flight, an easier but expensive option. The starting point for rafting will be at Dungeswar and will end at Chisapani.

Marshyangdi River Rafting in Nepal

Although Marshyandi rafting is a recent addition in rafting in Nepal, it has garnered quite many fans for its ultimate experience. The ride lets you through some of the most challenging and technical rapids. With the rapids of Class IV-V, the rafting goes by narrow gorges, canyons and has the incredible view of Annapurna range and Everest as well.

Marshyangdi River rafting will pay you the best if you are looking for intense and extreme rafting in Nepal. However, it is even best-suited for experienced rafters.

Location: For a fascinating ride through Marshyandi river, it starts from Bhulbhule. Located on the west side of Kathmandu, it takes 5-6 hours of a drive to reach. And the ride ends Sanghu. The total river action of Marshyandi river is 25 km and takes two days to complete.

Tamur River Rafting in Nepal

Tamur river is the sixth-largest in Nepal and one of the best for embarking on rafting in Nepal. The powerful rapids of Class IV and V of Tamur offers a demanding and daring ride. The agricultural fields and terraced farms on the sides of the Tamur river is equally delightful to witness.

The rapids of Tamur river is Class IV and V that gives you full action rafting. Also, this whiter-river rafting is full of the mesmerizing view of the Himalayas, including some of the highest like Everest, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga.

Location: Taking you towards eastern Nepal, Tamur river rafting takes places from Basantapur. The ride is about 18 hours long via Dharan in a private vehicle. The river-action distance is 135 km that takes 5-6 days and ends in Chatara.

Seti River Rafting in Nepal

Seti River Rafting is classified in two parts: Upper Seti river rafting and Lower Seti river rafting.

Upper Seti River rafting takes place in Bamboo Bridge which is at the distance of only 30 minutes from Lakeside Pokhara. With the river rapids of Class III-IV, the rafting has an amazing view of mountains and gorgers with suspension and prayer flags. It is a half-day drip that ends at Dam, which is 20 minutes away from Lakeside Pokhara.

Lower Seti River rafting passes by the delightful forest, beautiful scenery of hills, valleys and distant settlement. You can also observe a good amount of different species of birds, so do not forget to look around for them. Its rapid is Class III-IV. Rafting in Lower Seti river takes place from Damauli, which is a five hours ride from Kathmandu. Unlike the Seti River, the river action takes two days to complete. And its take-out point is at Gaighat, again 4-5 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting in Nepal

Bhote Koshi River is very accessible from Kathmandu that has attracted tourists and youths of local areas as well. Along with the pristine beauty of nature, you can also stop to admire the Himalayas in Dhulikhel while en route. Although it is a short white water rafting, Bhote Koshi river full of adrenaline rush.

Rafting in Nepal

The rapids of Bhote Koshi ranges from Class III- Class V; however, it is perfect for beginners as well.

Location: For Bhote Koshi river rafting, the start point is at Baseri, northeast of Kathmandu and takes four hours of drive. Likewise, the ride ends at Dam, which is around three hours from Kathmandu.

Trishuli River Rafting in Nepal

Trishuli River rafting will be best to go if you want to have rafting experience in the shortest possible time. You will have a short, yet sweet river rafting trip in Trishuli where exciting rapids, breathtaking scenery, and serene environment will further entice the river journey. Trishuli River Rafting is a best short trip if you are on the road to Pokhara or Chitwan National Park.

As Trishuli river has only Class III rapid, beginners can go for their first try in this river. Amid the landscapes, gorges and some glimpse of the cable car to Manakamana makes the trip even more enticing. However, during monsoon, the volume of river surges, increasing the intensity of rapids and attracts experienced rafters as well.

Location: It takes only three hours of a drive towards the west of Kathmandu to arrive at the starting point of Trishuli river rafting. Either Baireni or Charaudi is the start-up point. Also, the length of this trip can go from 1 to 3 days, and most people choose the classic two-day trip.

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