Mount Kailash

  • Thu-Sep-2019

Mount Kailash: Mysterious and Mighty

No matter how much we deny or lay our arguments, we often pass-by such news that literally stirs our belief. Of many such things, “Gods” is probably the most controversial one. On one side, there is science, whose wonders are making humans mighty by each passing day; and the other side is a religious belief, that says those wonders are the repressed gesture of God to humankind.

Well, the facts and logic and faith and reverence are always the subjects of contrast. It is better to leave the decision to the individuals and let them ply by their conscience. And, today's discussion is more or less near to this very argument.

Mount Kailash is not just a mere mountain; its existence has so far baffled the whole world. Let's unravel more about the mountain and its intriguing facts.

Mount Kailash

The mysterious mountain of Kailash is located in Tibet of China. Although the mountains stand up the height of only 6,638 meters above sea level, it is yet to be scaled.

Mount Kailash is venerated as a religious shrine by four different religious groups; Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon, and Jainism. All these religions adhere to their own myths and belief for worshipping Mount Kailash.

The name of Mount Kailash is derived from the sanskrit word “kelasa” meaning crystal. While Tibetan Buddhist call it “Kangri Rinpoche” meaning Precious Snow Mountain. And, Bons have several names referring to Mount Kailash, Water’s flower, Nine Stacked Swastika Mountain and Mountain of Sea Water.

What is inside Mount Kailash?

Dr. Ernst Muldashev, a Russian ophthalmologist and his team, concluded that Mount Kailash is actually a massive human-made pyramid build in ancient times. He further claims that Mount Kailash is surrounded by many smaller pyramids and could be the center of all paranormal activities.

Muldashev, in his academic paper, has mentioned that in the silence of the night, there is often strange passing sound inside Mount Kailash. He has also written that during his research time, he and his colleagues distinctly heard the noise of falling stone that came from inside the mountain. Dr. Muldashev claims something is living inside Mount Kailash.

He also referred to the Tibetan texts, where it is suggested that Shambhala is a spiritual country in the north-west of Kailash. According to him, Mount Kailash is directly related to life on Earth. However, Chinese authorities quickly dismissed Muldashev theories.

Another scholar, Mohan Bhatt also says that there is a mention of a sacred mountain as a pyramid in Ramayan.

Top 10 Mount Kailash Mystery and Facts

1.Changes direction

So far, only a Tibetan Buddhist monk, Milarepa on 11th century has climbed the Mount Kailash. It is said that Mount Kailash changes its destination and also tends to block the tracks that mislead the climbers.

So, the climbers move in a random direction or encounter bad weather, ultimately forcing them to descend without success.

2.Shadow of the sacred sign

Another mysterious fact of Mount Kailash is, as the sun is setting, it casts a shadow that resembles the symbol of Swastika, an auspicious sign in Hinduism.

3. Home of God

Mount Kailash is revered as the adobe of Lord Shiva and his wife, Parvati by Hindus. Jains worship the mountain as the place where their first leader, Rishabhadeva attained moksha (liberation).

For Buddhist, Mount Kailash is the navel of the universe, where for Bon, it is the home of sky goddess, Sipaimen.

4. Lakes and their intriguing shapes

Lake Mansarovar and Lake Rakshastal in the vicinity of Mount Kailash has an equally shocking story. Mansarovar is considered as a personification of purity, and whoever drinks water from the lake will go the abode of Shiva after death.

Now, although Lake Rakshastal shares no historical significance with Mansarovar, it is believed that it was created by Ravan through the act of devotion and meditation to Lord Shiva for gaining superpowers.

What’s more mysterious is the shape of these two lakes. Lake Mansarovar is round resembling the sun, while Lake Rakhastal has crescent moon shape. So, these two lakes represent good and bad. Also, Mansarovar is a freshwater lake and Rakshastal is saltwater take.

5. A Circle for good fortune

There is a religious belief that circumambulating Mount Kailash on foot is a holy ritual that brings good fortune, which is called Kailash Kora.

However, for Hindus and Buddhists, it is a clockwise direction, and for Bons and Jain, it is a counterclockwise direction.

6. Only for those who are sin-free

Despite its very considerable height, Mount Kailash is unclimbed. Several attempts were made in the past to summit the peak; however, due to the unexplainable reasons, the expedition was always obstructed.

As per one of the Garpons of Ngari, “Only a man who is entirely free of sin could climb Mount Kailash. And he wouldn’t even have to climb the sheer walls of ice; he would just turn himself into a bird and fly to summit.”

7. All stud sides

There is a description on Vishnu Purna (Hindu Scripture) that the four sides of Mount Kailash comprise gold, ruby, crystal and lapis lazuli. It is believed to be a pillar of the world and is located at the heart of six mountain ranges symbolizing a lotus.

8. Center of the world

There are certain philosophies and belief, where axis mundi is called the center of the world and connection between Heaven (Spiritual World) and Earth (Physical World).

And, Mount Kailash is believed to be axis mundi by Hindu. It is also identified as mythical Mount Meru and center of the Earth that maintains the atmosphere to keep living beings alive.

What's more interesting is, Mount Kailash’s location is in synchronization with all other ancient monuments in the world and Earth’s pile. Stonehenge, another mysteries monument lies at an exact distance of 6,666 kilometers from Mount Kailash.

9. Forward Time-travel

Now, this fact is hard to believe. It is believed that the air of Mount Kailash makes you age faster, and surprisingly, there are stories of such incidents. Hair gets grey, wrinkles start appearing early, nail and hairs grow faster.

The growth of nails and hairs that usually takes two weeks will double in only 12 hours in Mount Kailash. Once a group of Siberian mountaineers climbed Mount Kailash beyond the specified point and mysteriously, they aged by a few decades. One of the climbers died the very next year because of old age.

10. A dwelling place for the holy one

According to Tibetan Buddhism, Mount Kailash is the dwelling place of Chakra Samvara Demchog (Wheel of Bliss) and his consort, Dorje Phagmo.

Mount Kailash from Nepal Via Simikot

After about an hour-long flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu, we will take another flight to Simikot that again takes about an hour.

From Simikot begins our trekker to the mysterious mountain of Kailash. The overall journey easily takes over 20 days. As it is already a controversial destination, make sure you are acclimatizing enough and having an adequate diet.

Mount Kailash from Nepal via Kerung

Embarking to Mount Kailash from Kerung via Syafru Besi is majorly a road trip. The journey completes with 12-15 days of time. If you are short in time and want less stress in the journey, then going from Kerung will pay you the best.

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