Best Locations for Hiking in Kathmandu

  • Tue-Sep-2019

Kathmandu valley shares many exotic natural locations for hiking and experiencing breathtaking scenario of the snow-capped mountains, dense forest, and mesmerising view of Kathmandu city.

Bowl-shaped Kathmandu provides huge natural space to the people who are exhausted with their hectic schedule and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. They can plan a hike within a small group and can get refreshed in the pristine environment.

There are many hiking routes in the vicinity of Kathmandu such as Nagarjun, Champadevi, Shivapuri, Phulchwoki, Nagarkot, Namobuddha, Bajrabarahi, and many other locations around the Kathmandu valley.


Hiking in phulchowki

Phulchowki, a hill of flowers, is one of the favourite destinations for day hiking in Kathmandu valley. This fascinating hill is the highest hill around the Kathmandu valley which situated at the height of 2782 meters. It needs just 4 hours of walk from Godawari Botanical Garden. Nature lovers can be efficiently complete their hiking within a day and can enjoy nature to the fullest.

The trail towards Phulchowki hill will surprise you throughout the way as it is excessively rich in vegetation. As this hill is regarded as the hill of flowers, while hiking in Spring season, you will be thrilled by the floral beauty of rare flowers such as Rhododendron of various dark red and pure white colours. Besides flowers, this place is also a habitat of multicoloured birds and butterflies. Spiny Babbler, an extinct bird, was spotted flying high above the hills of Phulchowki.

As soon as you reach the summit of Phulchowki hill, you can vividly see the spine-tingling snow-blanketed mountain views from Annapurna range to Gaurishankar. Moreover, you will be even more surpirsed when you see the pleasing Kathmandu city view down from the green hills. In the winter season, you can also enjoy frequent snowfalls and can capture beautiful pictures there.

Along with natural beauty, you will explore some cultural and religious aspects as well. On the top of the hill, there is a temple of goddess Phulchowki, in the month between March and April and during the full moon, Hindu devotees come to this place in order to worship goddess Phulchowki. As a hiker, you can take rest there and can meditate peacefully.  

Nagarjun Hike

Nagarjun hill is a preserved area which is located in the western part of the city, and just 30 minutes away from the capital city Kathmandu. This site gives numerous foot trails for hiking to the passionate hikers who want to explore more in the verdant forest. As this dense forest is rich in various flora and fauna, it surprises even more when you step your feet towards the green hills of Nagarjun.

This exotic location does contain not only natural beauty but also carries religious significance as well; at the top of the hill, there is a beautiful Jamacho Monastery. Various Hindu and Buddhist followers come to visit this site for meditation and quest for inner peace.

Hiking in the Nargarjun hill offers you inticing Himalayan scenery where you can be enthralled by the spectacular view of Jugal, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and Langtang. Moreover, from the top of the hill, you can also view the Kathmandu city down in the southeast part.

Nagarjun is also one of the popular destinations among bird watchers. While hiking through the forest, you can make your short trip fantastic by observing heart-pleasing scenario of birds taking high flights between the steep hills. Additionally, the chirping sound of the birds accompanies you throughout your journey towards Phulchowki hill. 


Chamapadevi is also one of the famous hiking trails of Kathmandu valley which starts from Pharping and completes in Hattiban. This hiking site is situated at an altitude of 2278 meters and requires 5-6 hours of continuous walk. The trails take you through the beautiful pine forest, and eventually, you reach the religious Hindu shrines and Buddhist stupa.

On the top of the hill, you can spread your arms wide and can feel the cool breeze which will make your 5/6 hours of hike worthwhile. Moreover, you can even spend some quality time there, leaving behind the humdrum city life and can meditate there.

Besides this, it also offers magnificent mountain view of  Langtang, Ganesh, Gaurishankar mountain peaks covered with white snow.

The exotic Champadevi hills provide numerous routes to the hikers. Hikers can start their hiking ascending from Pharping and can end up to Kritipur. Alernatively, they can continue their hiking beyond the summit of Champadevi, which leads you to the unnamed western peak.

Shivapuri Hike

Shivapuri is one of the closest and the second-highest hills in the Kathmandu valley, is covered with abundant natural flora and fauna. Hiking in Shivapuri National Park gives you a lifetime experience where you expedite your adventurous journey through the dense forest.

To reach the Shivapuri, you are required to initiate your hiking from Budhanilkantha, a holy temple of Hindu devotee.

After having breakfast at the hotel, you are suggested to take around 20 minutes of a drive towards the Budhanilkantha temple, is just 8 km away from Kathmandu in the north direction. After visiting the renowned religious place, you will ascend toward the Shivapuri hill. On the way, you will notice Nepal army check posts located in the National park for the security of the preserved area.

Throughout the jungle, you will be thrilled by the beauty of wildflowers and birds. As Shivapuri is regarded as one of the famous birding sites, hikers can make their trip much more exciting by observing more than 500 bird species. The birds, butterflies, and other natural fauna add more charm to this beautiful location.  

Another main attraction for the hikers is Nagi Gumba. This ancient gumba is situated at the height of 2330 meters which is just above the Budhanilkantha temple. The monastery is quite famous among the Buddhists and foreigners, where you can also pray and meditate and tranquil yourself in a peaceful environment.

Nagarkot Hike

nagarkot hiking in kathmandu

Nagarkot, one of the most famous destinations for one day hike near Kathmandu valley. Just 32 km away from the east part of Kathmandu, it presents the best panoramic mountain views including Annapurna, Mount Everest and many other snow-covered mountain peaks.

Apart from mountain scenario, it bestows a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset. Early morning, the sun rays meet the hills of Nagarkot and vanish elegantly in the evening. This is the most enticing and admiring scene of Nagarkot that can be experienced from the Nagarkot 360 view tower. In fact, most of the people from Kathmandu come to this place in order to expedite their short day trip through the verdant hills of Nagarkot and observe the natural beauty of the place.

Additionally, while hiking on the trails, you can also observe the Tamang and Newar community which is settled down near the Nagarkot foot trails. There you can be familiar with the rich culture of Newar and can taste delicious Newari food as well.

All in all, as Kathmandu surrounded by lush green hills, it presents various locations to the hikers where they can spend their time in order to take a break from the city life and can restabilise their mind with abundant peace. Moreover, these hiking sites in Kathmandu offers a charismatic view of mountain ranges and makes people spellbound with its never-ending beauty. 

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