Places for Bird Watching in Nepal

  • Mon-Sep-2019

Though Nepal is a small landlocked country, it is rich in natural biodiversity where world's 8.9% species of birds reside in different locations of Nepal. As it possesses wide geographical diversity, it slops from the high mountainous region to the hottest and humid Terai region. The species of birds vary from one place to another.

In the Himalayas, we get to see the spectacular view of birds along with mesmerizing mountain sights. Similarly, in the hilly region, we find more than 500 species of bird which provides an amazing experience to the visitors. Likewise, the Terai region has numerous wildlife reserves like Kosi Tappu, Shuklaphanta, Bardiya National Park; where varieties of birds are preserved for many years.

It's good news for bird lovers who can watch more than 850 species of birds within a small country. 

Famous Places for Bird Watching in Nepal:

Generally, birds can be found throughout the country, but if we want to see the diverse species of birds, then there are few locations which are famous for vibrant, beautiful birds. They are:

Kosi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

birds watching in wildlife reserve

Kosi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is one of the largest wildlife reserves of Nepal, where the variety of both resident and migratory birds reside that come far away from Siberia.

Talking in detail, Koshi Tappu is a preserved area of Terai eastern region which covers more than 175 sq. km. of wetlands in Sunsari, Saptari, Udayapur districts. It is accessible through Mahendra Highway. In the protected area, there are over 485 species of birds that can be easily observed.

Among them, Watercock, Indian Nightjar, Dusky Eagle Owl, Black-headed Cuckoo Shrike, White-tailed Stonechat, Striated Grassbird, Large Adjutant Stork, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Common Golden-eye, Gull-billed Tern, Swamp Francolin, Rufousvented Grass Babbler, and Bengal Floricans are special species of birds. Some of them are also enlisted in the world’s endangered species list.

Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, is surrounded by beautiful green hills where around 500 species of birds dwell. Visitors can be the witness of eye-catching view of birds taking flights over the dense Nagarjun forest, covering the whole green forest with their rainbow-like colors. Besides Nagarjun, Godavari (botanical garden), Shivapuri, and Phulchowki also contain varieties of birds.

Bird watching within Kathmandu valley is the best way to escape away from mundane city life. Birders can visit the locations within a few hours where they can enjoy the fantastic Mountain View with diverse birds. Moreover, the diversity of birdwatching sites provides an opportunity to inhale the exotic natural views of wild birds taking deep flights from one hill to another. The scenic view, the chirping sound of cuckoo makes people’s day worthwhile. 

Likewise, another notable bird-watching location is Taudaha, which is in the east-south direction and can be spotted on the way to Dakshinkali. This wetland is also a habitat of thousands of birds.

 Additionally, the Manohara river and Bagmani river are also quite famous for the sighting the varieties of birds.

Chitwan National Park

Bird on the branch of tree              

Chitwan Nationa Park, the first national park of Nepal, is the habitat of more than 543 species of birds, which has protected the highest number of birds compared to other national parks of Nepal. Most interestingly, there are about two-thirds of Nepal’s globally endangered species reside.

 The park is located in subtropical inner Terai lowlands covers 952,63 sq km and spreads over four south-central districts: Nawalparasi, Parsa, Chitwan, and Makawanpur. It is the biggest national park of Nepal and also comes under the World Heritage Site in 1984.

Every year bird lore from different corners of the world, visit Chitwan National Park in order to experience the spellbinding views of vibrant birds. The park has a wide range of bird species such as Black-chinned Yuhina, Gould's Sunbird, Blossom-headed Parakeet, Slaty-breasted Rail, especially seen in the spring season. Likewise, other threatened birds like Bengal Florican, Lesser Adjutant, Grey-crowned Prinia, Swamp Francolin and numerous species of grass warblers also reside in the park.

Oriental Dartar, an enigmatic and gigantic tropical water bird, also can be seen flying with its broad wings. Moreover, a symbol of fierce and power Spotted Eagle also shares the place with other water birds like Egrets and Storks. Most fascinatingly, Peafowl also known as Peacock, makes the park heaven with its elegant dance in the monsoon season.

Additionally, small chirping birds like Slender-billed Babblers, Bitterns, Kingfishers many other birds add more beauty to the park.

Definitely, dedicated bird watchers enjoy the tour of Chitwan National Park.

Bardiya National Park

Bardiya National Park is a home of 407 bird species, which is located in the western part of Nepal where Bengal Florican, White-rumped Vulture, Peafowl, Bar-headed Geese are the dominant residents of the park. 

Bardiya National Park, also known as Royal Bardia National Park, is the largest and the wildest land situated in Nepal’s terai region where Karnali, the longest river of Nepal flows with its grace.

Moreover, Lesser Florican, Sarus Crane, Grey-crowned Prinia, Jungle Prinia, Pale-footed Bush Warbler, Aberrant Bush Warbler, Striated Grassbird, Golden-headed Cisticola, Chestnut-capped Babbler can be found rampantly in the park’s grassland. The park provides a vast range of natural view along with beautiful birds which even can be experienced while making 12 hours of travel from Kathmandu to Bardia.

Shuklaphanta National Park

Eagle bird watching in national park

Shuklaphanta National Park is also one of the significant habitats of birds where 423 species of birds dwell. In the western part of the jungle birds like Swamp Francolin, Jerdon’s Bush Chat, Rufous-rumped Grassbird, Chestnut-capped Babbler and Jerdon’s Babbler show their charismatic views to the visitors whereas other tiny birds such as Yellow-eyed Babbler, Finn's Weaver live in the northwestern and eastern part respectively.

Apart from small chirping birds, there are some ferocious raptors like Dusky Eagle Owl, Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, Rufous-bellied Eagle, and an Oriental Pied Hornbill, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Darter, and many more other bird species. Besides birds, it is also popularly known as the residence of deer and elephants. People who love to see the beautiful, wild animals, along with varieties of birds can enjoy the most.    

The national park is located in the far-western development region of Nepal and can be traveled either by air or road. Shuklaphanta National Park might be unknown to most of the visitors. But, if you want to experience the exotic natural view with wonderful birds of Far-Western, then surely I bet you will enjoy the most.

Birding in Pokhara Valley

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal and well known among tourists from different countries. The valley is full of natural resources like lakes, caves, dense forest which offers a large shelter to the varieties of birds.

The beautiful birds are found rampantly in both lowlands and highlands of Pokhara. In the valley, birds like Besra, Red-billed Leiothrix, Spiny and White-browed, Kalij Pheasant, Ashy Bulbul, Black-backed Forktail, Puff-throated Babbler, Green Magpies, Hima are the most common birds and can be traced near the forest of Phewa and Naudanda areas.  The most notable sites for birding in Pokhara is western and southern parts of the Phewa lake. Similarly, another richest location for birdlife is Begnas lake.  

Birds found in Himalayan Region

Himalayan bird watching

As Nepal is over-flooded with bio-diversity, we find numerous raptors bird species in the Himalayan region as well, especially in the Mount Everest and Annapurna areas. Nepal’s national bird the Lophoporous is also known as Impeyen pheasant, is found in the high Himalayan range. An extinct bird Jerdon’s Baza was also spotted there.

To recapitulate, Nepal is a diverse country, where varieties of migratory and resident birds can be observed in the largest number with different locations. Visitors can enjoy the view of birds flying in the high altitude of Himalayan and the lowlands of Terai. People who passionately want to explore the beauty of birds are most welcome here in Nepal.

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